About Zie Fashion

At Zie, We believe every woman deserves to look and feel amazing. Having handpicked a stunning boutique fashion range to bridge the gap between straight sizing and plus size sizing, we embrace and celebrate equality in fashion and believe that style shouldn’t depend on your size or shape. Zie caters to women with curves who want to feel sexy, comfortable and confident in their Natural size.

Starting as a body-positive fashion brand the founders of Zie wanted to promote their belief in all women being able to feel good in their own skin. This quickly evolved into a place where our customers could shop for clothes without being referenced to their physical appearance.


Starting off as an import brand, our products were all hand-picked carefully and imported to Sri Lanka to be sold in our online store. As years rolled by and business thrived, Zie has now evolved into an export business that manufactures all its products locally and exports into the international market.

Over the years that Zie was operational, the brand has evolved from being body positive to being a brand that encourages our customers to accept who they are based on their achievements rather than their appearance moving from Body Positive to Body Neutral.